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Production Skills of Casa Brava

Having realized its first exportation in 2003 in Inegöl / Bursa, today, Cas Brava is producing armchairs and furnitures. Casa Brava armchairs and furnitures are being produced in 18.000 sqm of facilities with the latest technology and a modern system. Casa Brava possesses a staff that pays attention to pre and post production quality control and research and development studies and realizes the design and application activities.

With its products providing aesthetics and design one with the other, its quality policy, principles and values, our company has always been keeping track of the dynamics of the sector and followed an innovative policy since 2003. Having been providing unique designs without making any compromises of its modern style until today, Casa Brava continues to grow with the aim of communicating the high quality life standards to even more people.

Experience in production. Casa Brava
Quality Skills of Casa Brava

Casa Brava, of whom the most important priority has always been "Quality" since the day it was founded, aims to reach above the world standards in terms of its production quality and technical services. With our sense of quality, our products are controlled within the scope of our quality criteria in all the stages, including design, production, sales and after sales.