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History of Casa Brava

Since the foundation we are continuing our way to be one the world wide brand without compromising our values. The brand Casa Brava which was born as a small enterprise is now one of the driving engine of the furniture sector. Our huge success at the present situation is the result of ability to generate well developed strategies and take actions in lights of them.

While the solution and results we have built in our journey raise the living qualities of our customers, they contribute Vanessa's values at the same time. As a brand we know our duties, and so we will make a great effort to provide a total customer satisfaction. We would like to thank to everyone who contributed in brand awareness and values of Casa Brava.

Experience in exportation. Casa Brava

Being a brand that, respected by local and global area, design products which transform into quality, attach importance to customer satisfaction and trust.


Create habitats which make people feel special, happy, high quality, comfortable with aware of responsibilities to our partners, employee and the community.